Australian Based Artist

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Australian Based Artist

"I love to paint in oils, to master my works and share with others"


About Ollie Klepiak

Hi there! I’m Ollie Klepiak and I love painting in oils - As far back as I can remember, I've always had the passion for painting. I love the brush strokes, textures and the thick layers of paint that covers the canvas. I am a self taught artist who thanks to professional artists from all over the world, I have been able to enjoy their works and teachings on YouTube. In fact, I have become so obsessed with it all that I crave to share my experiences with others in hope that they can find the courage to step outside the square box and enjoy the pleasure of creating great artworks. I dedicate all my spare time to master my craft and share it with others. I invite you to join me in this adventure and follow my media outlets.

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